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Restoration Coatings

Restoration Coatings is a full-service, fully licensed and insured commercial roofing company proudly serving the Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas areas. Our focus remains on flat, low slope, and metal facilities in need of restoration and/or re-roofing installations. We are committed to providing exceptional products and customized, top-of-the-line solutions with unmatched quality applications. At Restoration Coatings, we demonstrate an unwavering sense of pride in craftsmanship and integrity. Our goal is to educate our clients in all aspects of the roofing process, generating high quality experiences while achieving outstanding results.

Matt Dodson’s vision for Restoration Coatings is a product of a life worked in the construction industry.  His vast knowledge of general construction and decades of experience allow us to handle particularly complicated commercial projects that require creative, innovative thinking and proficiency.  His integrity, accountability, and dedication to service throughout the years has set us apart.  At Restoration Coatings, we pride ourselves on being more than just a roofing company.  Our customers are the reason we exist.  We aim to meet and exceed all expectations and introduce solutions in spirit of a true partnership.  We hope to be a long-term resource that our customers can continue to turn to.

"It is rare to find a company that is as passionate and driven to make sure the customer has the best experience possible."

- Chris Tower President of Video Reality

"I was impressed with every member of the crew's full knowledge and understanding of why and how they do what they do."

- Nate Smith Facilities Manager of Sitel

"From identifying roof issues, assisting the policy holder with insurance communications, to timely completion of a quality roof replacement and/or repair, Restoration Coatings exceeded expectations."

- Tony Parker of Riverside Ranch

"There was always a willingness to under promise and over deliver on products, timelines, and resolutions."

- Mike Mahorney Corporate General Manager at DDB Unlimited